I have been so very blessed with the people I have had the chance to work with. Thank you all for letting me be apart of YOUR vision and letting me help you to create something wonderful.



Not Another Label is all and all a brand for the effortless, + relaxed. The goal was- and always will be: dress the cool girl. Based in the heart of LA- we have created a range of tees inspired by everything vintage. With a world full of waste, we've promised to print every piece made-to-order + with just you in mind. Why? Because you're special like that.

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 “America's first Smashbox flagship isn't just somewhere to visit when you run out of mascara. The new Los Angeles store is equal parts retail space and photo studio; a blinking neon playground designed to be Instagrammed.” Located in Venice, CA the first freestanding store offers a full photo studio. Hired as a make-up artist and photographer for the store.

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“I'm a beauty and lifestyle content creator, originally from Egypt, grew up in Canada and now live in Los Angeles. I started my YouTube channel, because I was a new makeup artist and I wanted to practice doing makeup, so I would practice on camera. When I uploaded my videos, I didn't think anyone would watch, but they did. Then my channel grew naturally on its own. Now I do videos on everything from makeup to health, fitness and fashion.”



Becky Hillyard is a personal style blogger located in Kansas City. "The Cella Jane reader is the everyday woman: she loves to see the latest fashion trends, hear about the best beauty tips and advice on how to have a healthy balance in life." I have been so honored to work with Becky, help create her vision, and feel like part of her beautiful growing family.



"Modern Mija is all about providing little ones with just as much style as the grown ups that surround them. It is a marketplace for the hip kiddos that march to the beat of their own drum. We aim to carry brands that are socially conscious, unique, and playful." I am so proud of Emily for creating something so unique to Kansas city, and it's safe to say we had a fun time shooting all of the kiddos. ;)



"Mother-daughter team, Jan Morgan and Julia Rice, launched their Kansas City women’s fashion boutique, Frankie & Jules, in 2006, offering pop up parties around the KC area." "Fans of Frankie & Jules love the company’s mix of affordable fashion forward attire. There, on-trend tops and skinny jeans live alongside everyday dresses and statement pieces.